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Design of Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Example of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Cécil Combelles Mouna Ben Yahia Laurent Pedesseau Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Interplay between Magnetic and Orbital Ordering in the Strongly Correlated Cobalt Oxide: A DFT + U Study

Anne-Laure Daleverny Jean-Sébastien Filhol Frédéric Lemoigno Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

“Chimie douce”: A land of opportunities for the designed construction of functional inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials

C. Sanchez L. Rozes François Ribot C. Laberty-Robert D. Grosso C. Sassoye C. Boissiere L. Nicole
Comptes Rendus. Chimie

Evaluation of polyketones with N-cyclic structure as electrode material for electrochemical energy storage: case of tetraketopiperazine unit

Joaquin Geng Jean-Pierre Bonnet Stéven Renault Franck Dolhem Philippe Poizot
Energy & Environmental Science

The effects of moderate thermal treatments under air on LiFePO4-based nano powders

Stéphane Hamelet Pierre Gibot Montse Casas-Cabanas Dominique Bonnin Clare Grey Jordi Cabana Jean-­bernard Leriche Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal Matthieu Courty Stéphane Levasseur Philippe Carlach Michèle van Thournout Jean‐marie Tarascon Christian Masquelier
Journal of Materials Chemistry

Scattering mechanisms and electronic behavior in transparent conducting ZnxIn2Ox+3 indium-zinc oxide thin films

C. Marcel Negar Naghavi G. Couturier J. Salardenne J.-M. Tarascon
Journal of Applied Physics

Anisotropy of Rotational Diffusion, Dipole-Dipole Cross-Correlated NMR Relaxation and Angles between Bond Vectors in Proteins.

M. Deschamps G. Bodenhausen