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Two-Step Mechanism for Halogen Intercalation in Graphite Enabled by Aqueous Biphasic Systems

Damien Degoulange, Gwenaëlle Rousse, and Alexis Grimaud
ACS Energy Letters

Combining Virtual Reality with Mixed Reality for efficient training in Battery Manufacturing

Lucie Denisart, Diana Zapata-Dominguez, Xavier David, Aubin Leclere, Romain Lelong, Chaoyue Liu, Jiahui Xu, Emilie Loup-Escande, Alejandro A. Franco

Facile Synthesis of Ge@TiO2 Nanotube Hybrid Nanostructure Anode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

Abirdu W. Nemaga, Jean Michel, Mathieu Morcrette, and Jeremy Mallet
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Toward Conductive Additive Free Organic Electrode for Lithium-Ion Battery Using Supramolecular Columnar Organization

Vincent Pignier, Sylvestre Toumieux, Carine Davoisne, Maxandre Caroff, Arash Jamali, Serge Pilard, David Mathiron, Dominique Cailleu, François Delattre, Dharmendra Pratap Singh, Redouane Douali, Matthieu Becuwe
Micro and Nano: No Small Matter

Single-Atomic Dispersion of Fe and Co Supported on Reduced Graphene Oxide for High-Performance Lithium–Sulfur Batteries

Sajad Rahimi, Lorenzo Stievano, Laetitia Dubau, Cristina Iojoiu, Lauréline Lecarme, and Fannie Alloin
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces

Modeling the 4D discharge of lithium-ion batteries with a multiscale time-dependent deep learning framework

Agnese Marcato, Javier E. Santos, Chaoyue Liu, Gianluca Boccardo, Daniele Marchisio, Alejandro A. Franco
Energy Storage Materials

Three-dimensional operando optical imaging of particle and electrolyte heterogeneities inside Li-ion batteries

Raj Pandya, Lorenzo Valzania, Florian Dorchies, Fei Xia, Jeffrey Mc Hugh, Angus Mathieson, Hwee Jien Tan, Thomas G. Parton, Louis Godeffroy, Katrina Mazloomian, Thomas S. Miller, Frédéric Kanoufi, Michael De Volder, Jean-Marie Tarascon, Sylvain Gigan, Hil
Nature nanotechnology

Solid-Electrolyte-Free O3-LixTiS2 Cathode for High-Energy-Density All-Solid-State Lithium-Metal Batteries

Benjamin Hennequart, Michael Deschamps, Ronan Chometon, Bernhard Leube, Romain Dugas, Elisa Quemin, Pierre-Etienne Cabelguen, Christophe Lethien, and Jean-Marie Tarascon

Rational Selection of Sodium Layered Oxides for High Performance Na-Ion Batteries: P2 vs O3 vs P2-O3 Intergrowths

Elisa Grépin, Ivan A Moiseev, Artem M. Abakumov, Jean-Marie Tarascon and Sathiya Mariyappan
Journal of Electrochemical Society

Molten Salt Synthesis of Multifaceted Pure-Phase Spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Platelets

Gozde Oney, Jacob Olchowka*, Arnaud Demortière, François Weill, and Laurence Croguennec

Grand-canonical molecular dynamics simulations powered by a hybrid 4D nonequilibrium MD/MC method: Implementation in LAMMPS and applications to electrolyte solutions

Jeongmin Kim, Luc Belloni, and Benjamin Rotenberg
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

K3MnO4: A New Cathode Material for K-Ion Batteries

Armance Sagot, Lorenzo Stievano, and Valerie Pralong