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FeII/FeIII mixed-valence state induced by Li-insertion into the metal-organic-framework Mil53(Fe): A DFT+U study

Cécil Combelles Mouna Ben Yahia Laurent Pedesseau Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Power Sources

Interface Electrochemistry in Conversion Reactions for Li-Ion Batteries

Anne-Laure Dalverny Jean-Sébastien Filhol Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Materials Chemistry

Evaluation of polyketones with N-cyclic structure as electrode material for electrochemical energy storage: case of pyromellitic diimide dilithium salt

Stéven Renault Joaquin Geng Franck Dolhem Philippe Poizot
Chemical Communications

Investigation on the fire-induced hazards of Li-ion battery cells by fire calorimetry

Perrine Ribiere Sylvie Grugeon Mathieu Morcrette Simeon Boyanov Stéphane Laruelle Guy Marlair
Energy & Environmental Science

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry As a Suitable Tool for the Li-Ion Battery Electrolyte Degradation Mechanisms Study

Grégory Gachot Perrine Ribière David Mathiron Sylvie Grugeon Michel Armand Jean-Bernard Leriche Serge Pilard Stéphane Laruelle
Analytical Chemistry

Clean energy new deal for a sustainable world: from non-CO2 generating energy sources to greener electrochemical storage

Philippe Poizot Franck Dolhem
Energy & Environmental Science

Ionic Liquid Made LiZnSO4F: A New Ceramic Electrolyte Composite for Solid-State Li-Batteries

P. Barpanda J.N. Chotard Charles Delacourt M. Reynaud Y. Filinchuk M. Armand M. Deschamps J.-M. Tarascon
Angewandte Chemie International Edition

Imidazolium Ionic Liquid Interfaces with Vapor and Graphite: Interfacial Tension and Capacitance from Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulations

Céline Merlet Mathieu Salanne Benjamin Rotenberg Paul A Madden
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Synthesis of New Fluorosulphate Materials Using Different Approaches

Mohammed Ati Moulay Tahar Sougrati Nadir Recham Prabeer Barpanda Marine Reynaud Charles Delacourt Michel Armand Jean-Claude Jumas Jean‐marie Tarascon
ECS Transactions

A 3.90V iron-based fluorosulphate material for lithium-ion batteries crystallizing in the triplite structure

Prabeer Barpanda Mohammed Ati Brent C. Melot G. Rousse Jean-Noël Chotard Marie-Liesse Doublet Moulay Tahar Sougrati S. A. Corr Jean-Claude Jumas Jean‐marie Tarascon
Nature Materials

Continuous carbide-derived carbon films with high volumetric capacitance

Min Heon Samuel Lofland James Applegate Robert Nolte Emma Cortes Jeffrey Hettinger Pierre-Louis Taberna Patrice Simon Peihua Huang Magali Brunet Yury Gogotsi
Energy & Environmental Science

Photocatalytic efficiency and self-cleaning properties under visible light of cotton fabrics coated with sensitized TiO2

R. Rahal Thierry Pigot Dominique Foix Sylvie Lacombe-Lhoste
Applied catalysis