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Ionic Liquid Made LiZnSO4F: A New Ceramic Electrolyte Composite for Solid-State Li-Batteries

P. Barpanda J.N. Chotard Charles Delacourt M. Reynaud Y. Filinchuk M. Armand M. Deschamps J.-M. Tarascon
Angewandte Chemie International Edition

The Influence of Surface Chemistry and Pore Size on the Adsorption of Proteins on Nanostructured Carbon Materials

Munusami Vijayaraj Roger Gadiou Karine Anselme Camélia Ghimbeu Cathie Vix-Guterl Hironori Orikasa Takashi Kyotani Sumlak Ittisanronnachai
Advanced Functional Materials

Thermal modeling of a cylindrical LiFePO4/graphite lithium-ion battery

Christophe Forgez Dinh Vinh Do Guy Friedrich Mathieu Morcrette Charles Delacourt
Journal of Power Sources

“Chimie douce”: A land of opportunities for the designed construction of functional inorganic and hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials

C. Sanchez L. Rozes François Ribot C. Laberty-Robert D. Grosso C. Sassoye C. Boissiere L. Nicole
Comptes Rendus. Chimie

Design of Electrode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: The Example of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Cécil Combelles Mouna Ben Yahia Laurent Pedesseau Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Interplay between Magnetic and Orbital Ordering in the Strongly Correlated Cobalt Oxide: A DFT + U Study

Anne-Laure Daleverny Jean-Sébastien Filhol Frédéric Lemoigno Marie-Liesse Doublet
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Evaluation of polyketones with N-cyclic structure as electrode material for electrochemical energy storage: case of tetraketopiperazine unit

Joaquin Geng Jean-Pierre Bonnet Stéven Renault Franck Dolhem Philippe Poizot
Energy & Environmental Science

The effects of moderate thermal treatments under air on LiFePO4-based nano powders

Stéphane Hamelet Pierre Gibot Montse Casas-Cabanas Dominique Bonnin Clare Grey Jordi Cabana Jean-­bernard Leriche Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal Matthieu Courty Stéphane Levasseur Philippe Carlach Michèle van Thournout Jean‐marie Tarascon Christian Masquelier
Journal of Materials Chemistry

Scattering mechanisms and electronic behavior in transparent conducting ZnxIn2Ox+3 indium-zinc oxide thin films

C. Marcel Negar Naghavi G. Couturier J. Salardenne J.-M. Tarascon
Journal of Applied Physics

Anisotropy of Rotational Diffusion, Dipole-Dipole Cross-Correlated NMR Relaxation and Angles between Bond Vectors in Proteins.

M. Deschamps G. Bodenhausen