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Understanding the calendering processability of Li(Ni0.33Mn0.33Co0.33)O2-based cathodes

Emiliano Primo Mehdi Chouchane Matthieu Touzin Patricia Vázquez Alejandro Franco
Journal of Power Sources

Silicon-based electrodes formulation in buffered solution for enhanced electrode-electrolyte interfaces

Aude Roland Benoit Delarre Jean-Bernard Ledeuil Nicolas Louvain Hervé Martinez Laure Monconduit
Journal of Power Sources

Two-dimensional MXenes for electrochemical capacitor applications: Progress, challenges and perspectives

Qizhen Zhu Jiapeng Li Patrice Simon Bin Xu
Energy Storage Materials

Towards reversible high-voltage multi-electron reactions in alkali-ion batteries using vanadium phosphate positive electrode materials

Edouard Boivin Jean-Noël Chotard Christian Masquelier Laurence Croguennec

Probing and Interpreting the Porosity and Tortuosity Evolution of Li-O2 Cathodes on Discharge through a Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach

Amangeldi Torayev Simon Engelke Zeliang Su Lauren Marbella Vincent de Andrade Arnaud Demortière Pieter Magusin Céline Merlet Alejandro Franco Clare Grey
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

What Can Text Mining Tell Us About Lithium‐Ion Battery Researchers’ Habits?

Hassna El‐bousiydy Teo Lombardo Emiliano Primo Marc Duquesnoy Mathieu Morcrette Patrik Johansson Patrice Simon Alexis Grimaud Alejandro Franco
Batteries & Supercaps

Confining Water in Ionic and Organic Solvents to Tune Its Adsorption and Reactivity at Electrified Interfaces

Alessandra Serva Nicolas Dubouis Alexis Grimaud Mathieu Salanne
Accounts of Chemical Research

Hard carbon key properties allow for the achievement of high Coulombic efficiency and high volumetric capacity in Na-ion batteries

Adrian Beda François Rabuel Mathieu Morcrette Stephan Knopf Pierre-Louis Taberna Patrice Simon Camelia Matei Ghimbeu
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Challenges of today for Na-based batteries of the future: From materials to cell metrics

Ivana Hasa Mariyappan Sathiya Damien Saurel Philipp Adelhelm Alexey Koposov Christian Masquelier Laurence Croguennec Montse Casas-Cabanas
Journal of Power Sources

Intercalation–exfoliation processes during ionic exchange reactions from sodium lepidocrocite-type titanate toward a proton-based trititanate structure

Seongkoo Kang Serge Durand-Vidal Jean-Claude Badot Christophe Legein Monique Body Olaf Borkiewicz Olivier Dubrunfaut Damien Dambournet
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Effect of the metallicity on the capacitance of gold–aqueous sodium chloride interfaces

Alessandra Serva Laura Scalfi Benjamin Rotenberg Mathieu Salanne
Journal of Chemical Physics

Toward the understanding of water-in-salt electrolytes: Individual ion activities and liquid junction potentials in highly concentrated aqueous solutions

Damien Degoulange Nicolas Dubouis Alexis Grimaud
Journal of Chemical Physics