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Toward Optimization of the Chemical/Electrochemical Compatibility of Halide Solid Electrolytes in All-Solid-State Batteries

Tuncay Koç Maxime Hallot Elisa Quemin Benjamin Hennequart Romain Dugas Artem M. Abakumov Christophe Lethien Jean-Marie Tarascon
ACS Energy Letters

Fluorinated Materials as Positive Electrodes for Li- and Na-Ion Batteries

Kévin Lemoine Annie Hémon-Ribaud Marc Leblanc Jérôme Lhoste Jean-Marie Tarascon Vincent Maisonneuve
Chemical Reviews

About the Consideration of the Inactive Materials and the Meshing Procedures in Computational Models of Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes

Mehdi Chouchane Alejandro A. Franco

Probing the Electrochemical Li Insertion–Extraction Mechanism in Sputtered LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Thin Film Cathode for Li-Ion Microbattery

Ankush Bhatia Clement Leviel Maxime Hallot Jean-Pierre Pereira-Ramos Christophe Lethien Pascal Roussel Rita Baddour-Hadjean
Advanced Materials

Fundamental investigations on the sodium-ion transport properties of mixed polyanion solid-state battery electrolytes

Zeyu Deng Tara P. Mishra Eunike Mahayoni Qianli Ma Aaron Jue Kang Tieu Olivier Guillon Jean-Noël Chotard Vincent Seznec Anthony K. Cheetham Christian Masquelier Gopalakrishnan Sai Gautam Pieremanuele Canepa
Nature Communications

Unraveling the Capacitive Charge Storage Mechanism of Nitrogen-Doped Porous Carbons by EQCM and ssNMR

En Zhang Yih-Chyng Wu Hui Shao Vytautas Klimavicius Hanyue Zhang Pierre-Louis Taberna Julia Grothe Gerd Buntkowsky Fei Xu Patrice Simon Stefan Kaskel
Journal of the American Chemical Society

Towards understanding the nucleation and growth mechanism of Li dendrites on zinc oxide-coated nickel electrodes

Abdolkhaled Mohammadi Arthur Hagopian Syreina Sayegh Mikhael Bechelany Jean-Sébastien Filhol Reza Younesi Lorenzo Stievano Laure Monconduit
Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Current Collector-Free Interdigitated Nb2O5//LiFePO4 Micro-Batteries Prepared by a Simple Laser-Writing Process

K. Brousse P. L. Taberna P. Simon
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Self-Crosslinking Poly(Ethylene Glycol) Diglycidyl Ether in Water-in-Salt Electrolytes for Minimal Hydrogen Evolution Reactions and Extended LiTFSI Solubility

Tobias F. Burton Yachao Zhu Lea Droguet Rossukon Jommongkol Dodzi Zigah Alexis Grimaud Jean-Marie Tarascon Olivier Fontaine
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Emission colours of bistable photochromic compounds: Ce-doped alkaline (Rb, K, Na)–indium fluorides

Manuel Gaudon Ines Andron Alain Demourgues Vincent Rodriguez Alexandre Fargues Etienne Durand Anthony Chiron Christine Frayret Véronique Jubera
Materials Advances

Functional data-driven framework for fast forecasting of electrode slurry rheology simulated by molecular dynamics

Marc Duquesnoy Teo Lombardo Fernando Caro Florent Haudiquez Alain C. Ngandjong Jiahui Xu Hassan Oularbi Alejandro A. Franco
npj Computational Materials

3D Operando Monitoring of Lithiation Spatial Composition in NMC Cathode Electrode by X-ray Nano-CT & XANES Techniques

Tuan-Tu Nguyen Jiahui Xu Zeliang Su Vincent De Andrade Bruno Delobel Charles Delacourt Arnaud Demortière
Microscopy and Microanalysis