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Effect of Particle Size on LiNi0.6Mn0.2Co0.2O2 Layered Oxide Performance in Li-Ion Batteries

Adrien Soloy Delphine Flahaut Joachim Allouche Dominique Foix Germain Salvato Vallverdu Emmanuelle Suard Erwan Dumont Lucille Gal François Weill Laurence Croguennec
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Impact of the F– for O2– substitution in Na3V2(PO4)2F3–yOy on their transport properties and electrochemical performance

Runhe Fang Jacob Olchowka Chloé Pablos Rafael Nuernberg Laurence Croguennec Sophie Cassaignon
ACS Applied Energy Materials

In Search of the Best Solid Electrolyte-Layered Oxide Pairing for Assembling Practical All-Solid-State Batteries

Tuncay Koç Florencia Marchini Gwenaëlle Rousse Romain Dugas Jean-Marie Tarascon
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Sputtered LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Thin Films for Lithium-Ion Microbatteries

M. Hallot Pascal Roussel C. Lethien
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Multivalent Mg 2+ -, Zn 2+ -, and Ca 2+ -Ion Intercalation Chemistry in a Disordered Layered Structure

Seongkoo Kang Kyle Reeves Toshinari Koketsu Jiwei Ma Olaf Borkiewicz Peter Strasser Alexandre Ponrouch Damien Dambournet
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Non-Nucleophilic Electrolyte Based on Ionic Liquid and Magnesium Bis(diisopropyl)amide for Rechargeable Magnesium-Ion Batteries

Lethesh Kallidanthiyil Chellappan Jannicke Kvello Julian Richard Tolchard Paul Inge Dahl Sidsel Meli Hanetho Romain Berthelot Anne Fiksdahl Kaushik Jayasayee
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Mg 3 (BH 4 ) 4 (NH 2 ) 2 as Inorganic Solid Electrolyte with High Mg 2+ Ionic Conductivity

Ronan Le Ruyet Benoit Fleutot Romain Berthelot Yasmine Benabed Geoffroy Hautier Yaroslav Filinchuk Raphael Janot
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Synergy of Mn and Co in slab-based nanocomposites for hybrid supercapacitors: impact of restacking process on electrochemical properties

Celine Tang Domitille Giaume François Weill Nicolas Penin Marie Anne Dourges Hassan Saadaoui Liliane Guerlou-Demourgues
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Atomic Layer Fluorination of Li4Ti5O12 Surface: a multiprobing survey

Youn Charles-Blin Delphine Flahaut Jean-Bernard Ledeuil Katia Guérin Marc Dubois Michaël Deschamps Anne-Marie Perbost Laure Monconduit Hervé Martinez Nicolas Louvain
ACS Applied Energy Materials

ZnO Nanowires as a Promotor of High Photo-Induced Efficiency and Voltage Gain for Cathode Battery Recharging

Laureline Lecarme Vincent Consonni Frédéric Lafolet Thomas Cossuet Michel Mermoux Frédéric Sauvage Ali Nourdine Fannie Alloin Jean-Claude Leprêtre
ACS Applied Energy Materials

On the importance of Incorporating Explicit 3D-Resolved Electrode Mesostructures in Li–O2 Battery Models

Amangeldi Torayev Pieter C. M. M. Magusin Clare P. Grey Céline Merlet Alejandro A. Franco
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Insights into Li+ , Na+ , and K+ Intercalation in Lepidocrocite-Type Layered TiO 2 Structures

Kyle Reeves Jiwei Ma Mika Fukunishi Mathieu Salanne Shinichi Komaba Damien Dambournet
ACS Applied Energy Materials