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Influence of ion implantation on the charge storage mechanism of vanadium nitride pseudocapacitive thin films

Etienne Le Calvez Dmitri Yarekha Laurent Fugère Kévin Robert Marielle Huvé Maya Marinova Olivier Crosnier Christophe Lethien Thierry Brousse
Electrochemistry Communications

Double-walled carbon nanotubes, a performing additive to enhance capacity retention of antimony anode in potassium-ion batteries

Vincent Gabaudan Justine Touja Didier Cot Emmanuel Flahaut Lorenzo Stievano Laure Monconduit
Electrochemistry Communications

Tracking ionic fluxes in porous carbon electrodes from aqueous electrolyte mixture at various pH

Yih-Chyng Wu Pierre-Louis Taberna Patrice Simon
Electrochemistry Communications

Salt-template synthesis of mesoporous carbon monolith for ionogel-based supercapacitors

Shan Zhu Pierre-Louis Taberna Naiqin Zhao Patrice Simon
Electrochemistry Communications

Catalytic reduction of TFSI-containing ionic liquid in the presence of lithium cations

Michal Tułodziecki Jean‐marie Tarascon Pierre-Louis Taberna Claude Guéry
Electrochemistry Communications

Carboxylic and sulfonic N-substituted naphthalene diimide salts as highly stable non-polymeric organic electrodes for lithium batteries

A. E. Lakraychi Karim Fahsi Luc Aymard Philippe Poizot Franck Dolhem Jean-Pierre Bonnet
Electrochemistry Communications

Outstanding room-temperature capacitance of biomass-derived microporous carbons in ionic liquid electrolyte

Edurne Redondo Wan-Yu Tsai Barbara Daffos Pierre-Louis Taberna Patrice Simon Eider Goikolea Roman Mysyk
Electrochemistry Communications

Some Directions Out of Usual Paths for Performance Improvement of Batteries

Dominique Guyomard
Electrochemistry Communications

Titanium vanadium nitride electrode for micro-supercapacitors

A. Achour R. Lucio-Porto M. Chaker A. Arman A. Ahmadpourian M.A. Soussou M. Boujtita L. Le Brizoual M.A. Djouadi T. Brousse
Electrochemistry Communications

A dual–ion battery using diamino–rubicene as anion–inserting positive electrode material

Elise Deunf Pablo Jimenez-Manero Dominique Guyomard Franck Dolhem Philippe Poizot
Electrochemistry Communications

Electrochemical and in-situ X-ray diffraction studies of Ti3C2Tx MXene in ionic liquid electrolyte

Zifeng Lin Patrick Rozier Benjamin Duployer Pierre-Louis Taberna Babak Anasori Yury Gogotsi Patrice Simon
Electrochemistry Communications

Electrochemical kinetics of nanostructure LiFePO4/graphitic carbon electrodes

Kazuaki Kisu Etsuro Iwama Wako Naoi Patrice Simon Katsuhiko Naoi
Electrochemistry Communications