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Remarkable impact of grains boundaries on the chemical delithiation kinetics of LiFePO<font size=-1><sub>4</sub></font>

Marie Lachal Renaud Bouchet Adrien Boulineau Suzy Surble Cécile Rossignol Fannie Alloin Saïd Obbade
Solid State Ionics

Improving ionic conductivity by Mg-doping of A<sub>2</sub> SnO<sub>3</sub> (A = Li<sup>+</sup> , Na<sup>+</sup> )

I. Blazquez-Alcover G. Rousse Daniel Alves Dalla Corte J.C. Badot A. Grimaud Patrick Rozier Jean‐marie Tarascon
Solid State Ionics

Electrochemical characterization of Li10SnP2S12: An electrolyte or a negative electrode for solid state Li-ion batteries?

Ilyas Tarhouchi Philippe Vinatier Michel Ménétrier Virginie Viallet
Solid State Ionics

Search for Li-electrochemical activity and Li-ion conductivity among lithium bismuth oxides

Chinmayee V. Subban Gwenaelle Rousse Rose-Noëlle Vannier Christel Laberty-Robert Philippe Barboux Jean‐marie Tarascon
Solid State Ionics

Study of the insertion mechanism of lithium into anatase by operando X-ray diffraction and absorption spectroscopy

Marcus Fehse Laure Monconduit Florent Fischer Cécile Tessier Lorenzo Stievano
Solid State Ionics

Electrode contributions to the impedance of a high-energy density Li-ion cell designed for EV applications

Isabel Jiménez Gordon Sylvie Grugeon Aurélie Débart Gwennaëlle Pascaly Stéphane Laruelle
Solid State Ionics

Hydrothermal synthesis, silver decoration and electrochemistry of LiMPO4 (M=Fe, Mn, and Co) single crystals

Nadir Recham Judith Oró-Solé Karim Djellab Maria Rosa Palacin Christian Masquelier Jean‐marie Tarascon
Solid State Ionics