YESS AWARD 2022 - Andrey Poletaev

This year, the YESS AWARD 2022 was awarded to two laureates :

  • The first laureate is Andrey Poletaev, post-doctorate at Oxford University and the Faraday institution, for proposing an innovative project on batteries. It is about the mechanistic understanding of the synthesis of industry-leading cathodes - MUSIC.
  • The second laureate is Juan Forero-Saboya, post-doctorate at Collège de France in the CSE lab. He proposed an original project about the functional coatings for lithium-ion cathode materials based on self-doped conductive polymers.

Andrey Poletaev was then invited to Batteries Event Lyon France to present his innovative project and shot the following video.

The YESS Award is an international contest organized each year by the RS2E network, and it is here to reward promising young scientists in the field of energy storage. The two first best projects submitted are awarded €10.000 and €2.500 in prize money respectively.