Industrial property

The Network and industrial property: From innovation toward technological transfer

The valorisation device set up, centered around a patents portfolio which is handled by a specialized engineer, is based on i) a quick and efficient filing and administrative follow-up of patents and ii) a controlled technological transfer.  The latter (schematic below) is based, on one hand, on the industrials being granted privileged access to the patents portfolio and, on the other hand, on a patent option system.  Thus, each member of the RS2E Club of industrials is aware of the patents applications as soon as they are filed, thus benefiting of a significant competitive advantage over industrials who are non members; this is due to a compulsory 18-month confidential period after the filing of each application.  

Each member of the Club of industrials is able to put an option on a patented technology in order to initiate, as soon as possible, a R&D contract in collaboration with the inventors and to acquire under privileged conditions a licence on the patented technology. 

This speedy management of the industrial property together with the existence of pre-transfer units, is a well appreciated managing tool to enable efficient and controlled pre-industrialisation.