Job, internship, PhD and postdoc positions

The RS2E and its partners are regularly offering job opportunities, phDs, postdocs or master 2 internships in the field of energy storage as well as engineering positions related to the evolution of the network. Joining RS2E is a unique opportunity to study or work with the best French laboratories and researchers in the field of batteries and supercapacitors!

If you do not find an offer fitting your profile, do not hesitate to send us your CV, we are constantly looking for passionate and talented individuals.

For all CNRS applications, please send your CV and cover letter to:


  • IPREM will recruit an ATER for the fall of 2022.

The teaching service (192h) will cover the fields of materials chemistry, inorganic and mineral chemistry. The research profile will concern electrochemical energy storage, more precisely solid/solid and solid/liquid interfaces within electrodes and at electrode/electrolyte interfaces, potentially on any type of system (Li-ion and new generations) presenting this type of problem. The material resources available include the surface and interface characterization tools specific to IPREM (XPS, Auger, ToF-SIMS, AFM), electrochemical cycling/characterization benches and, in general, a suitable battery environment (argon glove boxes, crimping machine, calender, etc...).

If you are interested, please contact Rémi Dedryvère: for more information.


There are no offers at this time.




There are no offers at this time.