The RS2E nominated for the 2020 INPI Trophies

The French initiative on electrochemical energy storage is proud to be a finalist of the 2020 INPI Trophies in the research category.

Nominated in 2020 for the INPI Trophies, RS2E sees its industrial development policy rewarded by the French National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI).

Interviewed on this occasion by a member of the latter institution, Dr. Cédric Chazel, responsible for this part for our network, recalls the importance for a research federation of having a substantial and well-built patent portfolio.

“Industrial property (IP) is an essential means of promoting our research work and legitimizing its importance. Having a solid industrial property strategy is a excellent communication tool that shows the innovative nature of our research. [...] Finally, and this is one of the most important reasons, the protection of our results with intangible assets is a sine qua non condition for researchers to be able to participate in the creation of start-ups... "

The full interview (in French) can be found by following this link: