At the head of the RS2E, highly cited researchers

Jean-Marie Tarascon and Patrice Simon are among the most cited researchers in the world.

Web of Science published its Highly Cited Researchers 2019 ranking. This year, the RS2E is proud that Jean-Marie Tarascon and Patrice Simon are nominated.

Prof. Tarascon, RS2E director, is cited in the “Chemistry” and “Science” categories while Prof. Simon, deputy director, is cited in the “Cross-Field” one.


Patrice Simon (à gauche), Jean-Marie Tarascon (droite)

They are among the 156 French researchers highlighted by the ranking. It is also interesting to note that John B. Goodenough, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry in 2019 for his work on Li-ion batteries, was nominated. A nice recognition for the community implied in the field of electrochemical energy storage.

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