Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors


  • French researchers have greatly contributed to these breakthroughs. Unfortunately much of the industrial developments are currently made in Asia. A French industrial stands apart: Saft. Founded in 1918 in the southwest of France, the company is producing rechargeable batteries for multiple markets!
  • RS2E announces the first edition of an ambitious contest for young researchers: the Young Energy Storage Scientist Award (YESS Award)! With a €10.000 prize pool, it was created thanks to a partnership with the “Batteries 2015” congress, where the award ceremony will take place. You can find all the relevant information and documents on the award's page by clicking here.
  • The Institute of materials science of Mulhouse (IS2M, UMR CNRS/UHA) is a long-standing member of RS2E. The Institute is most notably renowned for its expertise on carbon materials, which are vital for supercapacitor and battery electrodes.
  • Closing the gap between research and industry
    Since last May, a major first happened in the field of electrochemical energy storage (supercapacitors/batteries). For the first time in France, 15 national laboratories will have direct access to pre-prototyping equipments.

  • RS2E’s fifth Biannual Meeting will be hosted by IFPEN (IFP Energies Nouvelles), a public research organization founded in 1944. IFPEN joined RS2E in 2012 as a technological research partner. IFPEN’s expertise ranges from transportation to environment and energy. At RS2E, IFPEN brings its skills in battery systems integration.


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