Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors


  • Within the framework of RS2E, a CNRS research network initiated by the Ministry of higher education and research in 2011; CEA, CNRS and Universities’ labs worked together to produce the first Na-ion (sodium-ion) battery in the « 18650 » format, an industry-grade format. Sodium batteries are complementary to lithium batteries but also a potential replacement for some specific uses.
  • The Russian investment fund RUSNANO develops opportunities for the country in the field nanotechnologies. They awarded Patrice Simon and his colleague Yury Gogotsi the RUSNANOPRIZE 2015 for their contribution in the field of supercapacitors (a kind of battery that uses nanotechnologies).
  • Following the deliberation of the jury Dr. Gregory Wildgoose was honoured by the first edition of the YESS award at Batteries 2015 in Nice. The jury was unanimous about the innovative quality of his project using frustrated Lewis pairs in a new battery concept.
  • You have strong skills in chemistry and physical chemistry of materials and are interested by electrochemical energy storage? RS2E seeks candidates in September 2015 for permanent researcher positions. You can send your resume and cover letter before the 24th of July to
  • On May the 28th 2015, the foundation stone of RS2E’s headquarters (tentatively named « HUB ») was laid in Amiens by the financial backers of our research network. A hundred people (researchers, industrialists and journalists) gathered at University of Picardy Jules Verne to celebrate the beginning of our new research and tech transfer building’s construction.


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