Plateformes analytiques

Mössbauer platform

Moulay Tahar Sougrati

Scientific contributions

  • Sn and Fe speciation: identification of species containing tin or iron (transmission and/or diffusion mode) in their chemical environment, quantitative evaluation of their proportions, access to the databases of the Mössbauer Effect Data Center (Dalian, China)
  • Characterization of the local electronic structure for the element being probed: degree of oxidation, coordination
  • Studies of reaction mechanisms
  • Ex situ, in situ, operando measurements, Mössbauer - X diffraction couplings
  • Ab initio calculations of Mössbauer parameters
  • Quantitative interpretations, modeling of reaction mechanisms

> Resources supported by RS2E as an analytical platform

Two spectrometers (57Fe, 119Sn) from the laboratory are made available to the CRA for platform-type operation.

>Own resources

Human resources:
Moulay Tahar Sougrati


  • 5 spectrometers in transmission mode (TMS)
  • (variable temperatures from 4 to 700 K) for 57Fe, 119Sn
  • 1 spectrometer in diffusion mode (CEMS) for 57Fe and 119Sn
  • 1 oven (700 K), 2 cryostats (4-300K), 2 galvanostats, cells for in situ measurements
  • X'Pert PRO Diffractometer
  • high performance computing cluster under Linux (Quad Core)
  • VASP & WIEN 2k calculation codes