Jean-Marie Tarascon receives the CNRS gold medal

The CNRS Gold Medal is the highest distinction awarded by the CNRS and one of the most prestigious scientific awards in France. It is awarded to scientists who have made outstanding contributions to French research.

This year, Jean-Marie Tarascon, professor at the Collège de France, founder of the ALISTORE project, and director of the RS2E, receives this distinction for his pioneering work on reaction concepts related to lithium-ion batteries, the synthesis of new electrode and electrolyte materials, and the design of intelligent batteries. 

It is with great joy that we share with you this immense news that fills Professor Tarascon with pride.
He tells us more about his 2022 gold medal.

How do you feel after receiving this medal?

« I am very surprised, I did not expect it. So it's a very good surprise! This medal represents an important recognition. It illustrates a passion for research and the path it took to get there. You have to recognize that it is not natural to have this chance, you have to believe in your intuition, and it was a long way! You have to be ready to believe in yourself and in your vision, to question yourself, to know how to get out of your comfort zone, and especially to have talented collaborators, even more when diplomacy is not one of my qualities. »

What do you hope for the future?

« I obviously hope to continue to be interested in research, and in the short term to be able to concretize the latest advances that we have made in certain areas. More particularly, I would like to be able to concretize the fundamental research started 4 years ago on sensing and to be able to make it benefit the society. To do this, we will have to transmit these advances to the industrial field, which implies the need to work with other research sectors such as optics.
And of course I want to continue to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with young people to motivate them to do research. What is important to me is to accompany and guide them in their projects. »

Following this, a ceremony is organized by the CNRS on December 14, 2022, during which Jean-Marie Tarascon will receive an endowment of 50,000 euros.

Read the CNRS press release, as well as the profile of Prof. Tarascon published in CNRS le journal.