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Electrode Design for MnO2-Based Aqueous Electrochemical Capacitors: Influence of Porosity and Mass Loading

Camille Douard Laurence Athouël David Brown Olivier Crosnier Guillaume Rebmann Oliver Schilling Thierry Brousse

Investigating the Cycling Stability of Fe2WO6 Pseudocapacitive Electrode Materials

Julio César Espinosa-Angeles Nicolas Goubard-Bretesché Eric Quarez Christophe Payen Moulay-Tahar Sougrati Olivier Crosnier Thierry Brousse

Investigation of Electrochemical and Chemical Processes Occurring at Positive Potentials in “Water-in-Salt” Electrolytes

Marion Maffre Roza Bouchal Stefan Freunberger Niklas Lindahl Patrik Johansson Frédéric Favier Olivier Fontaine Daniel Bélanger
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

On the molecular correlations that result in field-dependent conductivities in electrolyte solutions

Dominika Lesnicki Chloe Gao David Limmer Benjamin Rotenberg
Journal of Chemical Physics

Anion Specific Effects Drive the Formation of Li-Salt Based Aqueous Biphasic Systems

Nicolas Dubouis Arthur France-Lanord Amandine Brige Mathieu Salanne Alexis Grimaud
Journal of Physical Chemistry B

Developing Effective Electrodes for Supercapacitors by Grafting of Trihydroxybenzene onto Activated Carbons

David Malka Shaul Bublil Ran Attias Michal Weitman Reut Cohen Yuval Elias Yosef Gofer Thierry Brousse Doron Aurbach
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Study of Anion Exchange Membrane Properties Incorporating N-spirocyclic Quaternary Ammonium Cations and Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery Performance

Misgina Tsehaye Xian Yang Tobias Janoschka Martin Hager Ulrich Schubert Fannie Alloin Cristina Iojoiu

Molecular Simulation of Electrode-Solution Interfaces

Laura Scalfi Mathieu Salanne Benjamin Rotenberg
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry

Non-Carbonaceous Negative Electrodes in Sodium Batteries

Vincent Gabaudan Moulay Tahar Sougrati Lorenzo Stievano L. Monconduit

Influence of ion implantation on the charge storage mechanism of vanadium nitride pseudocapacitive thin films

Etienne Le Calvez Dmitri Yarekha Laurent Fugère Kévin Robert Marielle Huvé Maya Marinova Olivier Crosnier Christophe Lethien Thierry Brousse
Electrochemistry Communications

Simulations of Ionic Liquids Confined in Surface Functionalized Nanoporous Carbons: Implications for Energy Storage

El Hassane Lahrar Irena Deroche Camélia Ghimbeu Patrice Simon Céline Merlet
ACS Applied Nano Materials

Two-dimensional MXenes for electrochemical capacitor applications: Progress, challenges and perspectives

Qizhen Zhu Jiapeng Li Patrice Simon Bin Xu
Energy Storage Materials