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The effects of local graphitization on the charging mechanisms of microporous carbon supercapacitor electrodes

Huan Yin Hui Shao Barbara Daffos Pierre-Louis Taberna Patrice Simon

Optical sensors for operando stress monitoring in lithium-based batteries containing solid-state or liquid electrolytes

Laura Albero Blanquer Florencia Marchini Jan Roman Seitz Nour Daher Fanny Bétermier Jiaqiang Huang Charlotte Gervillié Jean-Marie Tarascon
Nature Communications

Elucidating Curvature-Capacitance Relationships in Carbon-Based Supercapacitors

Jannes Seebeck Céline Merlet Robert Meißner
Physical Review Letters

Cationic Vacancies in Anatase (TiO 2 ): Synthesis, Defect Characterization, and Ion-Intercalation Properties

Damien Dambournet
Accounts of Chemical Research

Operando X-ray absorption tomography for the characterization of lithium metal electrode morphology and heterogeneity in a liquid Li/S cell

Fannie Alloin Guillaume Tonin Gavin B.M. Vaughan Renaud Bouchet Céline Barchasz
Journal of Power Sources

[Frontispiece] In Situ Liquid Electrochemical TEM Investigation of LiMn<sub>1.5</sub>Ni<sub>0.5</sub>O<sub>4</sub> Thin Film Cathode for Micro‐Battery Applications (Small Methods 2/2022)

Ankush Bhatia Sorina Cretu Maxime Hallot Nicolas Folastre Maxime Berthe David Troadec Pascal Roussel Jean Pierre Pereira-Ramos Rita Baddour-Hadjean Christophe Lethien Arnaud Demortière
Small Methods

Impact of the F– for O2– substitution in Na3V2(PO4)2F3–yOy on their transport properties and electrochemical performance

Runhe Fang Jacob Olchowka Chloé Pablos Rafael Nuernberg Laurence Croguennec Sophie Cassaignon
ACS Applied Energy Materials

Chemical Design of IrS 2 Polymorphs to Understand the Charge/Discharge Asymmetry in Anionic Redox Systems

Thomas Marchandier Sathiya Mariyappan Artem Abakumov Stéphane Jobic Bernard Humbert Jean-Yves Mevellec Gwenaëlle Rousse Maxim Avdeev Rémi Dedryvère Dominique Foix Antonella Iadecola Marie-Liesse Doublet Jean-Marie Tarascon
Chemistry of Materials

Structural details in Li3PS4: Variety in thiophosphate building blocks and correlation to ion transport

Omer Ulas Kudu Theodosios Famprikis Sorina Cretu Benjamin Porcheron Elodie Salager Arnaud Demortière Matthieu Courty Virginie Viallet Thierry Le Mercier Benoit Fleutot Marc-David Braida Christian Masquelier

Mass Spectrometry Analysis of NMC622/Graphite Li-Ion Cells Electrolyte Degradation Products after Storage and Cycling

Sebastien Rigaud Ana Cristina Martinez Tristan Lombard Sylvie Grugeon Pierre Tran-Van Serge Pilard Stéphane Laruelle

Crystal Structure of Na2V2(PO4)(3), an Intriguing Phase Spotted in the Na3V2(PO4)(3)-Na1V2(PO4)(3) System

Sunkyu Park Ziliang Wang Zeyu Deng Iona Moog Pieremanuele Canepa Francois Fauth Dany Carlier Laurence Croguennec Christian Masquelier Jean-Noel Chotard
Chemistry of Materials

Deconvoluting the impacts of the active material skeleton and the inactive phase morphology on the performance of lithium ion battery electrodes

Mehdi Chouchane Alejandro A. Franco