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Toward the understanding of water-in-salt electrolytes: Individual ion activities and liquid junction potentials in highly concentrated aqueous solutions

Damien Degoulange Nicolas Dubouis Alexis Grimaud
Journal of Chemical Physics

Extending insertion electrochemistry to soluble layered halides with superconcentrated electrolytes

Nicolas Dubouis Thomas Marchandier Gwenaelle Rousse Florencia Marchini François Fauth Maxim Avdeev Antonella Iadecola Benjamin Porcheron Michael Deschamps Jean-Marie Tarascon Alexis Grimaud
Nature Materials

Study of Anion Exchange Membrane Properties Incorporating N-spirocyclic Quaternary Ammonium Cations and Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Battery Performance

Misgina Tsehaye Xian Yang Tobias Janoschka Martin Hager Ulrich Schubert Fannie Alloin Cristina Iojoiu

Deciphering Interfacial Reactions via Optical Sensing to Tune the Interphase Chemistry for Optimized Na‐Ion Electrolyte Formulation

Parth Desai Jiaqiang Huang Hussein Hijazi Leiting Zhang Sathiya Mariyappan Jean- Marie Tarascon
Advanced Energy Materials

Novel single-ion conducting electrolytes based on polyvinylidene fluoride polymer for Lithium metal batteries

Thi Khanh Ly Nguyen Gérald Lopez Cristina Iojoiu Renaud Bouchet Bruno Ameduri
Journal of Power Sources

On chip MnO<sub>2</sub>-based 3D micro-supercapacitors with ultra-high areal energy density

Botayna Bounor Bouchra Asbani Camille Douard Frederic Favier Thierry Brousse Christophe Lethien
Energy Storage Materials

The Impact of Solution Chemistry on Growth and Structural Features of Mo-substituted Spinel Iron Oxides

Chérazade Haouari Alexander Squires Romain Berthelot Lorenzo Stievano Moulay Sougrati Benjamin Morgan Oleg Lebedev Antonella Iadecola Olaf Borkiewicz Damien Dambournet
Inorganic Chemistry

Complex Lithiation Mechanism of Siloxene and Germanane: Two Promising Battery Electrode Materials

L. Loaiza N. Dupre C. Davoisne L. Madec L. Monconduit V. Seznec
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Engineered Three-Electrode Cells for Improving Solid State Batteries

Romain Dugas Yves Dupraz Elisa Quemin Tuncay Koç Jean-Marie Tarascon
Journal of The Electrochemical Society

Surface reactivity of Li2MnO3: Structural and morphological impact

Ambroise Quesne-Turin Delphine Flahaut Germain Vallverdu Laurence Croguennec Joachim Allouche François Weill Michel Ménétrier Isabelle Baraille
Applied Surface Science

Surface reactivity and surface characterization of the layered β(III)-CoOOH material: an experimental and computational study

Alexia Lemoine Ronan Invernizzi Germain Vallverdu Lénaïc Madec Jacob Olchowka Liliane Guerlou-Demourgues Isabelle Baraille Delphine Flahaut
Journal of Physical Chemistry C

Controlled nanostructuration of cobalt oxyhydroxide electrode material for hybrid supercapacitors

Ronan Invernizzi Liliane Guerlou-Demourgues François Weill Alexia Lemoine Marie-Anne Dourges Isabelle Baraille Delphine Flahaut Jacob Olchowka