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Insights into the Rich Polymorphism of the Na+ Ion Conductor Na3PS4 from the Perspective of Variable-Temperature Diffraction and Spectroscopy

Theodosios Famprikis Houssny Bouyanfif Pieremanuele Canepa Mohamed Zbiri James Dawson Emmanuelle Suard François Fauth Helen Playford Damien Dambournet Olaf Borkiewicz Matthieu Courty Oliver Clemens Jean-Noël Chotard M. Saiful Islam Christian Masquelier
Chemistry of Materials

Crystal structures and local environments of NASICON-type Na3FeV(PO4)3 and Na4FeV(PO4)3 positive electrode materials for Na-ion batteries

Sunkyu Park Jean-Noël Chotard Dany Carlier Iona Moog Matthieu Courty Mathieu Duttine François Fauth Antonella Iadecola Laurence Croguennec Christian Masquelier
Chemistry of Materials

Spectroscopic Insights into the Electrochemical Mechanism of Rechargeable Calcium/Sulfur Batteries

Antonio Scafuri Romain Berthelot Klemen Pirnat Alen Vizintin Jan Bitenc Giuliana Aquilanti Dominique Foix Rémi Dedryvère Iztok Arčon Robert Dominko Lorenzo Stievano
Chemistry of Materials

Exploring the Kinetic Limitations Causing Unusual Low-Voltage Li Reinsertion in Either Layered or Tridimensional Li 2 IrO 3 Cathode Materials

Biao Li Gaurav Assat Paul Pearce Victoria Nikitina Antonella Iadecola Charles Delacourt Jean‐marie Tarascon
Chemistry of Materials

The Role of Divalent (Zn 2+ /Mg 2+ /Cu 2+ ) Substituents in Achieving Full Capacity of Sodium Layered Oxides for Na-Ion Battery Applications

Mariyappan Sathiya Sathiya Mariyappan Thomas Marchandier François Rabuel Antonella Iadecola Gwenaëlle Rousse Anatoly Morozov Artem Abakumov Jean‐marie Tarascon
Chemistry of Materials

Enumeration as a tool for structure solution – a materials genomic approach to solving the cation-ordered structure of Na3V2(PO4)2F3

Gerard Mattei John Dagdelen Matteo Bianchini Alex Ganose Anubhav Jain Emmanuelle Suard François Fauth Christian Masquelier Laurence Croguennec Gerbrand Ceder Kristin Persson Peter Khalifah
Chemistry of Materials

Hydronium Ions Stabilized in a Titanate-Layered Structure with High Ionic Conductivity: Application to Aqueous Proton Batteries

Seongkoo Kang Arvinder Singh Kyle Reeves Jean-Claude Badot Serge Durand-Vidal Christophe Legein Monique Body Olivier Dubrunfaut Olaf Borkiewicz Benoit Tremblay Christel Laberty-Robert Damien Dambournet
Chemistry of Materials

Density functional theory-assisted 31P and 23Na magic-angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance study of the Na3V2(PO4)2F3–Na3V2(PO4)2FO2 solid solution: unraveling Its local and electronic structures

Long H. B. Nguyen Paula Sanz-Camacho Thibault Broux Jacob Olchowka Christian Masquelier Laurence Croguennec Dany Carlier-Larregaray
Chemistry of Materials

Revealing the Reactivity of the Iridium Trioxide Intermediate for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acidic Media

Paul Pearce Chunzhen Yang Antonella Iadecola Juan Rodríguez-Carvajal Gwenaelle Rousse Rémi Dedryvère Artem Abakumov Domitille Giaume Michaël Deschamps Jean‐marie Tarascon Alexis Grimaud
Chemistry of Materials

Mesoscale Texturation of Organic-Based Negative Electrode Material through in Situ Proton Reduction of Conjugated Carboxylic Acid

Lionel Fédèle Frédéric Sauvage Florent Lepoivre Sébastien Gottis Carine Davoisne Matthieu Courty Jean‐marie Tarascon Matthieu Becuwe
Chemistry of Materials

Synthesis by Thermal Decomposition of Two Iron Hydroxyfluorides: Structural Effects of Li Insertion

Kévin Lemoine Leiting Zhang Damien Dambournet Jean-Marc Greneche Annie Hémon-Ribaud Marc Leblanc Olaf Borkiewicz Jean‐marie Tarascon Vincent Maisonneuve Jérôme Lhoste
Chemistry of Materials

Expanding the Rich Crystal Chemistry of Ruthenium(V) Oxides via the Discovery of BaRu 2 O 6 , Ba 5 Ru 4 O 15 , Ba 2 Ru 3 O 10 , and Sr 2 Ru 3 O 9 (OH) by pH-Controlled Hydrothermal Synthesis

Thomas Marchandier Quentin Jacquet Gwenaëlle Rousse Benoît Baptiste Artem Abakumov Jean-Marie Tarascon
Chemistry of Materials