Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors


  • Waiting for all electric cars…Think of car-sharing !

    According to the Agency for Environment and Energy Management (Ademe), 3 millions of French people would share cars.  Due to the leap in the price of gas and oil, this figure will probably increase ! 

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  • © P.-L. Taberna / CNRS

    Dr. Patrice SIMON

    Professor at Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier
    Deputy director of RS2E
    Coordinator - Capacitive Storage

    CIRIMAT laboratory UMR5085, Toulouse

  • © RS2E


    CNRS Engineer
    Administrative and Financial Manager

    LRCS laboratory UMR7314, Amiens

  • ©

    Dr. Laurence CROGUENNEC

    CNRS Research Director
    Coordinator - Advanced Li-ion

    ICMCB laboratory UPR9048, Bordeaux

  • © RS2E

    Dr. Matthieu BECUWE

    Assistant Professor at Université de Picardie Jules Verne
    Coordinator - Eco-compatible storage

    LRCS laboratory UMR7314, Amiens

  • © Laurent Ardhuin/UPMC

    Dr. Mathieu SALANNE

    Professor at Université Pierre et Marie Curie
    Coordinator - Theory group

    PHENIX laboratory UMR8234, Paris

  • Dr. Marie-Liesse DOUBLET

    CNRS Research Director
    Coordinator - Theory

    ICGM laboratory UMR5253, Montpellier

  • Dr. Stéphane LARUELLE

    Professor at Université de Picardie Jules Verne
    Coordinator - Safety

    LRCS laboratory UMR7314, Amiens

  • © RS2E

    Dr. Cédric CHAZEL

    CNRS Research Engineer
    Intellectual Property Manager

    LRCS laboratory UMR 7314, Amiens

  • Group theory is a set of RS2E chemists with expertise ranging from quantum chemistry methods (microscopic) methods of continuum (macroscopic) via Molecular Dynamics methods or methods known to "Coarse" (mesoscale). It aims to unite the French theorists - now located in seven different regions of France - around common projects, in line with the experimental research carried out in other clusters of the network.