Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
RS2E Formation politics

The network, pool of scientific ideas and technological development, is the ideal place to put forward formations of excellence provided by the universities welcoming the founder laboratories in order to form the new generations.

One of the fundamental aspects of materials for energy storage and conversion is already part of a Master labelled Erasmus Mundus entitled «Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion»  This offer of formation will be beef up as follows/

  • In September 2012 with the launching of a new specialization course on energy during the 3rd year of formation of engineers in Bordeaux (ENSCBP)
  • In September 2014 with the set-up of an option  “Energy Storage and conversion”  at the ENSCBP as part of  the curriculum for  “Materials Engineers” This option will enlist 200 hours of classes taught by the academic and industrial partners of the network. It will of course enlist training periods within the industries pertaining to RS2E.  For more information, please  contact  (