Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
Pre-transfer units

These 4 cells gather the links necessary to the chain process essential to ensure the quick transfer of a concept towards its validation as a prototype.  They role/functioning is  as follows:

  • Pre-transfer unit for the test of prototype components.  The CEA is responsible. This unit aims to integrate academia innovations realized at the electrodes and electrolyte for the assembly of  batteries elements (18650) and supercapacitors ( C ) format to validate new technologies and more specifically to draw viable and necessary results to decide whether it is suitable  for pre-industrial prototyping.
  • Pre-transfer unit for batteries safety: INERIS, which is the French recognized EPIC Its mission is to integrate risks control during the life cycle of new materials (handling, safety, toxicity, recycling) starting with the integration phases.
  • Pre-transfer unit Pre-prototypes behaviour modelling: IFP in charge.  The purpose is to generate experimental data banks from materials tested to design battery handling systems.
  • Pre-transfer unit materials-components on a large scale:  At the disposal of any industrial who wishes to evaluate the possibility of large scale manufacturing of new materials, and new electrolytes patented in the RS2E.