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NMR analytical platform

Coordinator: Michaël Deschamps (Prof. at CEMHTI/Univ. Orléans)

Scientific benefits

Using NMR permits to characterize the environment and the dynamism of spin-bearer atoms (1H, 19F, 7Li, 31P, 13C, 29Si…). Accessible information is the existence (the quantification) of present phases (amorphous or crystalline), the number of inequivalent sites and theirs populations in different structures of a sample, the dynamism of mobile species (exchange between sites, residence time in sites, auto-diffusion coefficient) in function of the temperature.

We can also obtain the spatial maps of proximity between different nuclei in the favorable cases. The necessary sample quantity goes from 1 mg for the most sensitive nuclei to some hundreds of mg for the least sensitive. The platform has a glovebox to manipulate (dry) components sensitive to air.


Equipment and human ressources

> Funded by the RS2E

  • 200 MHz spectrometer, MAS probes 4 and 1,3 mm with double resonance 1H-19F/31P-15N

> Other funds

  • Complementary equipment for diffusion funded by the CEMHTI

> Human ressources

  • 1 CNR researcher (Elodie Salager)
  • 1 Prof. (Michaël Deschamps)
  • 1 postdoc, 1 Phd student