Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
Network on Electrochemical Energy Storage

On July 2nd, 2010 the Ministry of Higher Education and Research created the first National network for Research and Technology on the Electrochemical Storage of Energy.  This network combines research of excellence and innovation through the CNRS with experimental and performing technological centres (CEA, IFP, and INERIS); both of them in close relation with the industrials. RS2E is an integrated research structure composed of various additional organisations:  developing research (academic players), prototyping (institutions for finalized scientific and technological research) and pre-industrialization (creation of a French industrials club) which visionary scientific program tries to solve today’s problems of energy supply while handling and anticipating tomorrow’s needs.

To shape a coherent french scientific landscape so that our country becomes the world leader in the field of energy storage and the ensuing applications.

© ANRAs part of its activities, the RS2E receives support from the state under "Projects Investments for the Future." Indeed, the STORE-EX consortium composed of eleven members of the research units CRA is rated by the ANR label laboratory excellence electrochemical storage of energy in 2011. The consortium thus benefits from the support of the French state in 10 years for carrying out innovative research and meet the challenge and to see energy storage systems for sustainable flood the market in the coming future.