Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
The network and its science

This network wants to be a worldwide reference in the field of present technologies (Li-ion, Li/polymer and Supercapacitors) but particularly the instigator of technological breakthroughs. With this aim in view, we provided it with an ambitious and attractive scientific program aiming to:

  • Federate some of the present activities to make them internationally known and help our industries to be competitive on the present markets and prospective.
  • Favour the development of underestimated technologies such as Li-air, which is potentially capable of increasing fivefold the actual result, but whose numerous technological locks remain to be unlocked.
  • Secure an important patents portfolio via innovating academic research thanks to the launching of new thematics and concepts that will not only make this network the flagship of French and international research in the next decades, but will place our industrials to the forefront of this field.

To reach these objectives the structure below has been adopted. It includes 5 main themes that can be developed; these themes are based on 3 transverse axes which are the heart of the RS2E; then we have 4 pre-transfer units to enable a quick integration of academic research toward pre-industrialization.