Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
The network and its actors

The purpose of this Research network on the electrochemical storage of energy (RS2E) is to gather the academic and industrial actors, and to make the most of the possibilities that France possesses to innovate in the following sectors:

  • A group of 17 world-class CNRS/Universities labs specialized in energy storage which are gathered in the CNRS Research Federation FR 3459. To manage its own functioning, the RS2E has agreed to tap in the French’s new financial tools to boost research and has received within this context i) an EQUIPEXROCK” concerning the installation of a synchrotron beam at SOLEIL and ii) a laboratory of excellence LABEX known as “STORE-EX” which gathers 10 laboratories as shown in the attached figure. The other 4 laboratories that did not become member of the network at the very beginning are full members of the RS2E but only associated members of the LABEX.

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  • A group of scientific and technological research institutions, fully operating and reactive, which enlists  i) the CEA capable of technologically integrating our research advances and to to turn them into innovative systems, ii) INERIS (specialist in the safety of storage systems), and iii) IFP with its skills in managing and modelling electrochemical systems.

bandeau cea ineris ifp

  • A group of 15 industrials covering the field of transportation, energy production, materials, chemistry or electronics. which have reunite to form an industrial club which is an integrated part of the RS2E network. Each of them paid  an  annual membership fee whose total amount reaches 0.55M euros and which is equally balanced by the French ministry. This financing is totally dedicated to research via the recruiting of co-sharing theses students and post-docs.


pastille club des industriels rs2e

Jean-Marie Tarascon (professor at Collège de France) and Patrice Simon (professor at the University of Toulouse) presently run the RS2E network with the help of Anne Charbonnier (Executive Assistant) on the administrative side and Cédric Chazel (Engineer patents).