Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
Main Research Areas

4 research thematics:

  • Advanced Li-ion: dedicated to the Li-ion technology, it will address the remaining locks at the electrode materials, electrolytes and formulation in order to increase their performance, reliability and safety. 
  • Capacitive storage: Batteries and supercapacitors will find an efficient synergy among this thematic via common research on i) the nano-structuration of oxide via ‘template’ approaches, ii) the making of microporous carbon electrodes and iii) the formulation of new electrolytes among which ionic liquids; the whole to elaborate new classic or hybrid capacitors with exacerbated performance.
  • Eco-compatible storage: it will be dealing with problems of recycling and lifecycle analysis of materials and systems that have been put aside for too long and will prevail the context of sustainable development via i) new concepts of renewable electrodes and ii) the development of innovating syntheses based rather on bio-inspired, biomimetic and/or bio-assisted approaches than on the “green chemistry” precepts.
  • New chemistries: The re-emerging new technologies such as Li-air and Li-S, in which our industrials are showing a keen interest, are being addressed, just as much as i) Na-ion technology, ii) new systems (Na-D, Redox flow) for the mass storage, and iii) all-solid technology for high temperature stationary applications.