Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors
CRA's analytical platforms
Coordinators: Michel Ménétrier and Lorenzo Stievano

Some of the 17 CNRS/Universities labs from the network have specific equipment and expertise for the analysis of materials used in the electrochemical energy storage field. Those skills can benefit to all the other RS2E partners. We call them the “analytical platforms”.

These platforms receive financial and/or human help from the network. In exchange, the concerned labs give time and help to the different projects from the thematic groups (To know more about these groups).

The collaboration is established after scientific discussions between a CRA lab and the chosen analytical platform. The platform responsible and the coordinator of the thematic group assess the scientific relevance of the project. The coordinators from the analytical platforms have to check that all the requests aim studies of mutual interest and they have been well discussed inside each thematic group.

The platforms develop new cutting-edge methodology to answer the “analytical challenge” and regularly present their results to the other RS2E members. CRTI and CI partners can also access to the platforms with the partnerships.

The way the platforms work illustrates the “networked” RS2E politic.