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Towards self-healing batteries

Towards self-healing batteries

The European Union and the RS2E bet on “smart” batteries for the future, capable of self-healing

An explanatory video on the work of a thesis co-financed by the RS2E have been published on Youtube. Fanny Betermier, a Phd student at Collège de France/LAMBE, tells us more about the aim of her researches that highlight the interest of the network for the new “self-healing” theme.

Lifetime is an important parameter for elaborating and commercializing batteries. With the use, the battery life tends to decrease with the deterioration of performance.

The RS2E, like the EU with the BATTERY 2030+ project, is interested in this question and is taking up the challenge.

The video below was produced by the DIM RESPORE (a research network funded by the Île-de-France region) which is the co-financer of Fanny Betermier’s thesis. She works more specifically on lithium-sulfur batteries.