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TIAMAT shines in Italy

TIAMAT shines in Italy

TIAMAT, the start-up from Amiens, France, attracted Italian journalists’ attention. The RAI 3, the public broadcasting TV, was interested in the young company.

TIAMAT know-how begins shinning abroad. Journalists from the Italian national broadcasting company asked the start-up for its expertise on Na-ion batteries.

Famous in Italy for its seriousness, the magazine Report realized a story of more than 8 minutes about Li-ion batteries alternatives.

For this reason, Laurent Hubard, TIAMAT CEO based in the “Hub de l’énergie” in Amiens, was interviewed by the RAI 3 team and presented the advantages of his technology.

The full story can be watched here. It was broadcasted in preview of the Monday 17th December show.

The following extract is a subtitled version of TIAMAT intervention.