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Patrice Simon awarded the RUSNANOPRIZE 2015 !

Patrice Simon awarded the RUSNANOPRIZE 2015 !

© RUSNANO PRIZE 2015The Russian investment fund RUSNANO develops opportunities for the country in the field nanotechnologies. They awarded Patrice Simon, joint director of RS2E and researcher at CIRIMAT, and his colleague Yury Gogotsi the RUSNANOPRIZE 2015 for their contribution in the field of supercapacitors (a type of carbon battery that uses nanotechnologies). The prize recognizes their research work in favor of better supercapacitors.

This international award is a direct recognition of the scientific contribution and potential industrial applications resulting from of the two researchers' work. Patrice and Yury have indeed published significant results in world-class journals (Science and Nature Materials, among others) giving guidelines for a better choice of the electrolytes used in supercapacitors. More precisely, their discoveries tackle the importance of a good fit between the size of the carbons' pores used in supercapacitors with the size of the ions contained in the electrolyte. Their work also includes the discovery of the exceptional performance of some lamellar carbides and carbonitrides that can be used as electrodes for supercapacitors (our report). You can watch a video of the prize ceremony by clicking here.

"It is a great honor to receive this prestigious award. It emphasizes the work done at the CIRIMAT laboratory with Pierre-Louis Taberna and Barbara Daffos, in collaboration with the group of Yury Gogotsi at Drexel. But beyond that, it is also a recognition of this technology - supercapacitors - which is booming, with new applications everyday..." said Patrice Simon.

This is the second award given to Patrice in 2015 after the CNRS' silver medal (France's most prestigious scientific award). 2015 is thus an extremly encouraging year for the research on supercapacitors in France ! We must indeed also reckon with Mathieu Salanne's chair at la Maison de la Simulation, Benjamin Rotenberg's CNRS bronze medal, not to mention the conference held in Montpellier ISEE'Cap 2015 and organized by Frederick Favier or the future developments (analysis, assessment of the application potential) to be carried out by a new engineer recruited by CNRS on a permanent position in Thierry Brousse's group (IMN).