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Matthew McDowell, YESS Award 2018 second prize

Matthew McDowell, YESS Award 2018 second prize

Matthew McDowell was awarded the YESS Award 2018 second prize for his audacious project “Overcoming Chemo-Mechanical Degradation in Solid-State Battery Electrolytes”. This project is the result of a coherent academic career.

Assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Matthew McDowell has a joint appointment in the G. W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering and the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The young researcher made his thesis at Stanford University (both in materials science and in engineering). Then, he was a postdoc at Caltech for two years.

Since 2015, he has been working at Georgia Tech on materials for electrochemical energy storage and electronics applications. His group uses, in particular, in situ and operando experimental techniques to probe chemical and structural transformations in battery materials, which is important for understanding reaction and degradation processes in batteries.

The major battery-related projects in his lab are focused on understanding and controlling interfacial transformations in solid-state batteries, investigating reaction mechanisms in electrode materials for beyond-Li-ion batteries, and developing high-capacity electrodes for electrochemical energy storage at ultra-low temperatures.