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In live from TV5 Monde

In live from TV5 Monde

Jean-Marie Tarascon, professor at College de France and RS2E director, was invited on the set of TV5 Monde at the beginning of November.

“Li-ion batteries are one of the most important breakthrough of the latest century with the transistor and the fiber optics”. During a 10-min interview on the set of TV5 Monde, Jean-Marie Tarascon talked about the Chemistry Nobel Prize 2019 awarded to John B. Goodenough, M. Stanley Wittingham and Akira Yoshino.

Interviewed by the anchorman Mohamed Kaci, Prof. Tarascon detailed the functioning of this technology and highlighted the societal challenges the researchers working in the field have to face.

Geopolitics of production, critical raw materials or French and European strategies for the future of batteries, the interview below offers a broad overview of the field of batteries. 


You can find the Youtube channel of TV5 Monde here.