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The GDR B2i is to meet SOLEIL

The GDR B2i is to meet SOLEIL

The GDR “Bio-engineering interfaces” is organizing a scientific day at SOLEIL on October 9th, 2018.

The GDR “Bio-engineering interfaces” and SOLEIL are co-organizing the 5th theme day of GDR at Synchotron SOLEIL (l’Orme des Merisiers, Saint-Aubin). The scientists from both communities will be able to discuss about the possibilities offered by SOLEIL in terms of characterization and see how they can help GDR researchers in their works.

You can register to this event before September 21st following this link :

The preliminary program is:

9:30-10:00 : Welcome & coffee

10:00-10:15 : Introduction of the day (Amina Taleb, Science Director, SOLEIL – Yann Chevolot, Director of the GDR B2i)

10:15-12:45 : Presentation of beamlines

- Photoemission at CASSIOPEE beamline (François Bertran)

- Biological applications of Infrared microspectroscopy at the SMIS beamline (Christophe Sandt)

- Advanced electronic structure characterization in operando mode on TEMPO beamline (Lenart Dudy, Jean-Jacques Gallet)

- DUV imaging and spectroscopies for biomolecules and surfaces characterisation (Matthieu Réfrégiers, DISCO)

- LUCIA, the µ-XAS-XRF beamline in the tender X-rays at SOLEIL (Delphine Vantelon)

- SIRIUS : Multi-techniques and multi-scales operando studies of layers on solid or liquid substrate (Philippe Fontaine)

- Development of X-ray microscopy in the water window at HERMES beamline for the study of bio-materials (Rachid Belkhou)

12:45-14:00 : Lunch

14:00-16:00 : Visit of beamlines

16:00-16:30 : Coffee break

16:30-16:45 : Conclusion & Closing remarks