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The future of the batteries at the mic of Club Internet

The future of the batteries at the mic of Club Internet

Jean-Marie Tarascon, professor at Collège de France and director of the RS2E, has discussed about the future of the batteries at the Club Internet microphone, the podcast of Numerama dedicated to the technologies

What chemistry behind the batteries? What are the challenges of the electric cars? Will lithium-ion technology be the queen of the next decade?

Jean-Marie Tarascon and Sébastien Rembauville-Nicole, Director of Forsee Power's Transportation Division, discussed these topics at the microphone of Nelly Lesage, journalist and host of Club Internet, the Numerama podcast.

The record (in French) lasts about 45 minutes and it is quite comprehensive on the technical, societal and environmental aspects. You will find here the web article associated with the podcast.

Forsee Power is a French enterprise specializing in the production of Li-ion battery systems.

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