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Claire Villevieille receives the YESS Award 2016 !

Claire Villevieille receives the YESS Award 2016 !

© Batteries 2016Following the deliberation of the jury Dr. Claire Villevieille was honoured by the first prize (€10.000) of the second edition of the YESS Award at Batteries 2016 in Nice. The jury was unanimous about the innovative quality of her project using improved neutron diffraction as a way to study batteries.

« I am honored to have won the YESS Award 2016. This award captures the essence of my work governed by three of my passions- the electrochemistry, the material science, and the development of operando techniques. Together with my team, Battery Materials (BatMat), we are pleased to demonstrate that the neutron diffraction can be a technique of choice for a better understanding of already commercialized batteries as well as be of a great help in developing the batteries of the future. », reacted the winner.

Dr. Villevieille is currently working at the Paul Scherrer Institute where she is heading the battery group. You can find additionnal details about her work on the BatMat's page at

For the first time this year a second prize (€2.500) was also awarded. The winner of the second prize is Ralf Wagner who is currently finishing his PhD at the University of Münster (MEET: Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology). Ralf submitted a very promising project on electrolytes for high voltage/energy batteries; electrolytes are critical components of batteries and Ralf's work is much needed in our field. You can find additionnal details on MEET at

The jury (headed by RS2E founder Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon) would like to emphasize the quality of all the received projects which is very encouraging for the future of energy storage in the world.

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