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14th biannual meeting, two days in Montpellier

14th biannual meeting, two days in Montpellier

Several hot topics and news were presented during the 14th RS2E biannual meeting.

October 17th and 18th, the 14th RS2E biannual meeting took place in Montpellier in the COMUE-LR premises. More than 100 peoples – researchers, industrial partners and EPICs representatives – met during the event. Each research area presented its breakthroughs.

The network took advantage of the meeting to unveil its new “Interfaces” transverse axe that will be coordinated by Alexis Grimaud, CNRS researcher from Collège de France.

Pr. Atsuo Yamada from the University of Tokyo was the international speaker for this event. He presented his works on super-concentrated electrolytes. Two other hot topics were highlighted by the RS2E: “Blue energy and desalination using supercapacitors”, presented by Benjamin Rotenberg from PHENIX and “Electrochemical recovery of LiCl from natural brines”, presented by Florencia Marchini from Collège de France.

The network thanks a lot the ICG team that organized the meeting and its partners in Montpellier.

In March 2019, the next meeting will be in Villeneuve d'Ascq and will be hold by the IEMN lab.