Research network on electrochemical energy storage,
Research center on batteries and supercapacitors


  • Opening speech December 9th, 2010

    Chair of Sustainable development – Environment, Energy and Society

    Our planet is facing an environmental stake of importance, surely one of the biggest scientific challenges of the next decades:  Energy storage and conversion.  What are we talking about?  What about the new materials and innovations to put into play to take up the challenge of mastering and managing energies?

  • First of all, one must not mistake “form of energy” for “source of energy”.  We have listed the main forms of energy (chemical, electric, nuclear,), but each of these forms can be carried or conveyed by very numerous vectors of different natures.  Thus, a lump of sugar, oil, kerosene, wood, natural gas, coal, peat… are sources of chemical energy

    Let’s note that the very large majority of available energy sources on earth are of solar origin,

  • A few definitions and basic notions is an original concept for which it is difficult to give a definition other than a mathematical one.  The definition found in the dictionary is “what a system possesses if it is capable of producing an activity”; but it is not much easier to define “activity” and “system”

     In fact, there is an indirect but easy way to demonstrate what Energy is and this is to list the various forms in which it appears: