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MESC Master's Degree

Head of pedagogic committee: Pr. Christian Masquelier, Pr. Patrice Simon
Administrative coordinator: J. Tamimy


logo master MESCThe field of energy storage is very important on a global scale. That’s why, since 2004 the Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion (MESC) master’s degree trains students in several European universities renowned for their expertise in energy storage (Amiens, Aix-Marseille, Cordoba, Philadelphia, Toulouse, Warsaw and Xiamen). After graduation, students will be able to pursue a career in either industry or academia. MESC master’s degree is a two-year (120 ECTS) programme, initially proposed by Alistore-ERI and now strongly supported by RS2E as well.

Give energy to your studiesRS2E is contributing to this chemistry master’s degree through the participation of affiliated researchers to teachings and by offering scholarships to three students.

The first MESC students were welcome in September 2004 at Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (France). Since September 2006, the MESC master’s degree received the Erasmus Mundus seal of approval (a quality label granted by the European Commission to the best integrated programmes at Master or PhD levels). The Erasmus Mundus seal of approval allows the MESC consortium to offer substantial scholarships to students (17,000€ to European students and 40.000€ to Third Countries students).

MESC Graduation 2013
Graduation of the 2012/2013 class

The MESC master’s course aims at giving students a high-level education in materials science and electrochemistry. Classes and examinations are fully carried out in English so that each student becomes a well-trained professional prepared for the globalization of both the private sector and academia.

The master’s programme propose courses dealing with synthesis, characterization and material properties for storage and energy transformation (full syllabus available here). A 6-month internship in a research lab is mandatory before graduation.

The MESC master’s degree receives around 20 students per class. You can apply online (application requires sending a resume, academic transcripts, a proof of your English proficiency, recommendation letters, an energy-related essay etc.). The application process is open each year until the end of January (for students applying for a scholarship) or May (self-supported students).


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