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Job opportunities

RS2E and its members regularly offer PhD and postdoc positions as well as master's degree internship in the field of electrochemical energy storage. You will find below positions in the best French national labs and companies in the fields of chemistry and materials science applied to batteries and supercapacitors.

For any enquiry regarding a job offer, please click here. Don't hesitate to submit your resume even if no position is currently advertised. We are constantly looking for passionate and talented individuals !


Job opportunities


PhD/postdoc positions (materials chemistry, electrochemistry)

  • RS2E positions

    > 2016 PhD offer at LRCS (Amiens, France) and ICGM (Montpellier, France) - Three years
    Towards all solid-state Mg-ion batteries
    Mots clés : Mg-ion batteries, materials chemistry, electrochemistry
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    > 2016 postdoc offer at IMN (Nantes, France) - One year
    All-solid state micro/macro-supercapacitor
    Keywords :
     supercapacitor, safety, electrolytes, ionogel
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    > 2016 PhD offer at ICGM (Montpellier, France) - Three years
    New generation of binders and electrolytes based on functional ionic liquids
    Keywords :
     supercapacitor, binders, ionic liquids
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  • Other positions

    > 2016 PhD offer at ICMCB (Bordeaux, France) - Three years
    Structure and Dynamics in Layered Oxides and Phosphates Materials for Na-ion batteries: A Combined NMR and DFT Calculations Approach
    Keywords:  sodium ion batteries, layered oxides, DFT calculation, NMR
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    > 2016 PhD offer at LRCS (Amiens, France) - Three years
    New solid state materials for lithium batteries
    Keywords : solid state, Li-ion batteries, synthesis, modeling
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    > 2016 Postdoc offer at ICG (Montpellier, France) - One year (renewable)
    Materials for Batterie & Catalysis
    Keywords: electrochemistry, chemistry, Materials and Polymer science, catalysis, Sol-Gel, electrochemical analysis
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    > 2016 Postdoc offer at IMPMC and LCMCP (Paris, France)
    Electroactivity in a deep crater lake: microbial and mineralogical contributions
    Keywords: electrochemistry, electron transfers, microbial fuel cells, microbiology
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    > 2015 Postdoc offer at LRCS (Amiens) - One year - Funded by the ANR (Volta project)
    Design and synthesis of new organic materials for energy storage applications
    Keywords: Li-ion organic battery, organic chemistry
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