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Jean-Marie Tarascon receives the CNRS Medal of Innovation

Jean-Marie Tarascon receives the CNRS Medal of Innovation


Jean-Marie Tarascon, de l’énergie au service du... par CNRS

The medal is given in recognition of outstanding research in fields related to technology, medicine or the social sciences.

This year, the director of RS2E Jean-Marie Tarascon is one of the four laureates who will receives the Medal of Innovation.

This specialist in the electrochemistry of solids is a professor at the Collège de France and the director of the Solid State Chemistry-Energy laboratory3 Now aged 63, he was first recognized for his research on high-temperature superconductors, before turning his focus to electrochemical energy storage and becoming one of the pioneers of lithium-ion batteries. His work aims to develop new energy storage technologies, with a view to managing the planet’s energy resources more efficiently. Tarascon has achieved numerous breakthroughs in the synthesis of new electrode and electrolyte materials for batteries, the study of lithium reaction mechanisms and the development of new battery configurations.

In 2011 he oversaw the creation of RS2E, a research network on electrochemical energy storage uniting 17 academic laboratories and three industrial technology research centers, as well as a number of industrial partners. The originator of the first sodium-ion batteries, he is also the inventor of more than 85 patented innovations, a quarter of which have been licensed.